Capacity Building Assistance

The Wanda Alston Foundation Capacity Building Assistance program strives to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of systems, services and programs necessary for the betterment of LGBTQ youth. In order to achieve this goal, we offer the following CBA training:

  • LGBTQ Youth and Family
    • Adoption
    • Navigating the Foster Care System
    • Foster Children and Parents
  • Understanding the Transgender Community
    • Assessing Your Agency’s Readiness to Work with the Transgender Community
    • Effective Interventions for Transgender Individuals
    • How to Mobilize and Work with the Transgender Community
    • Transgender Needs and Challenges
  • Understanding and Utilizing Evidence Based Interventions/ Public Health Strategies for LGBTQ Youth
    • Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS)
    • Counseling Test and Referral Services (CTR)
    • D Up!
    • Many Men Many Voices (3MV)
    • Popular Opinion Leader (POL)
    • STD/HIV and Youth
    • Treatment Adherence
    • Why Should My Agency Conduct Evidence Based Interventions?
  • Working with LGBTQ Youth of Color
    • Advocacy/Getting Involved
    • Outreach and Youth Mobilization
    • Youth and Court Systems

Most of our training can be conducted at the requesting CBO or organization; we are also able to provide space in certain instances.

We are able to develop topic-specific CBA training if requested, please contact us for details.